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6 April 2017
I met with Tom Stolle. Tom is CFO/COO of the BCMD and CFO of the Baptist Foundation. The Baptist Foundation is the holder of the loan for the land. I explained our circumstances regarding the land and Tom suggested that we sell the land. According to Tom, there is not a church in our state convention that would have $1.5M available for just road improvements. His encouragement was to sell the land and use the money for good ministry. – Dan Housam

21 March 2017
Melanie Tuel asked what about entering prop from Elmer road. I called the County this morning. That would involve the Army Corp of Engineers, Widening the road. Building a bridge over creek. Possibly twice as expensive. – Steve Reedy

20 March 2017
Just spoke with representative from SHA, he confirmed that 150% of the approved cost of building the road is required in the form of cash, or letter of credit, or performance Bond. In addition to that another 7.5% in the form of a check would be due to cover inspections. Any unused portion of that 7.5% is refundable. Of course keep in mind that you don’t get an approval for bldg the road unless you get your master plan approved by the county. The road is one portion of the master plan. And we will not get approval for a doghouse with footers 🙁 – Steve Reedy

20 March 2017
Just got off the phone with a representative from the county. He confirmed. No electric without Building permit. No building permit for a shed because it’s an auxiliary bldg. no bldg permit without master plan, And prior approval by the State Highway Admin, because it’s a state road. Engineering firm could provide estimates of what the road would really cost for a fee of about $5k. I will try to call the SHA. And confirm the 150% escrow requirement. So far everything that I stated during the meeting is still true. – Steve Reedy

19 March 2017
A sermon / testimony that describes how discussing the land came about. Online audio of sermon coming soon. – Dan Housam